Truly Hard Seltzer, a brand of The Boston Beer Co., Boston, announced the launch of Truly Punch Hard Seltzer, a new variety pack that blends the familiarity of traditional punch with fruit flavors for a juicy, punchy hard seltzer experience, the company says.

Available nationwide starting May 10, Truly Punch Hard Seltzer features four new flavors: Tropical, Fruit, Citrus and Berry. The new line can be found in bright, colorful red packaging that's representative of the bold, full flavors inside the cans. Each style contains 1 gram of sugar, 100 calories and 5% ABV, just like the rest of the Truly lineup.

“We continue to keep our drinkers top-of-mind with each innovation we bring to market, creating refreshing and unique hard seltzer options that our drinkers have come to expect, but with less sugar and more fruit flavor,” said Casey O'Neill, director of product development at The Boston Beer Co., in a statement. "After testing roughly 200 recipes with nearly 2,000 drinkers, Truly is proud to welcome the four new Truly Punch flavors into the fold."

Vice President of Truly Brand Don Lane said the goal is to reward loyal drinkers and bring new drinkers into Truly. "Truly Punch opens the door to a whole new category of drinkers because of its approachable, bold-yet-familiar flavor," Lane said. "Truly Punch is our biggest flavor yet and arrives just in time make this highly anticipated summer even better."