In a move to solidify its market position as the No. 1 hard seltzer brand, White Claw is launching a global platform that takes its lead from the very people that catapulted it to No. 1 in the first place ― its passionate fans. White Claw fans have created an entire sub-culture around the brand. Through their social feeds, videos, hashtags and memes, fans have generated more 4 billion impressions. What they've shown is that pure, uncomplicated fun can happen in so many different ways, places, times, moments and occasions — with White Claw being the inspiration behind it all. Building on its fame and user-generated content, White Claw is collaborating with a diverse group of creators from across the country and around the world to capture unscripted, in-the-moment content inspired by the feeling White Claw evokes. The result is a deep suite of content featuring different moments, improvised by the creators themselves ― starring real people, in real locations.