Parents might need a chocolate milk “time out.” A new Organic Valley/Ipsos poll finds that 58 percent of parents are guilty of drinking chocolate milk they purchased for someone in their household and more than a third of Americans (39 percent) admit to doing the same thing. Organic Valley conducted the nationwide survey in celebration of the coast-to-coast introduction of its new, lactose-free low-fat Chocolate Milk. “We developed our new organic chocolate milk with a specifically kid-friendly taste profile and reduced the sugar content and made it lactose-free so parents would feel good about making this purchase for their family,” said Minh-Quan Huynh, Organic Valley brand manager, in a statement. “However, these recent poll results revealed that kids might have to ask their parents to double their purchase so there is enough chocolate milk for the entire household.” The vast majority of Americans disagree that chocolate milk is just for kids (82 percent vs. 18 percent who agree). More than half (53 percent) of adults say that they would take a glass of chocolate milk over a glass of wine any day ― especially parents (60 percent vs. 51 percent) of those with no kids.