High Brew Coffee, Austin, Texas, is expanding its ready-to-drink (RTD) line and continuing to innovate in the nitrogenated (nitro) cold brew category with the launch of its Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew variety. The company first entered the category in spring 2020 with its initial Nitro Cold Brew Black flavor. This latest extension was created based on overwhelming consumer feedback and interest.

“High Brew is a brand ‘for those who do,’” said David Smith, founder and chief executive officer of High Brew Coffee, in a statement. “Our fans continue to crave nitro cold brew, and we are thrilled to be growing our nitro family with a new, Sweet Cream variety, which — like our original — offers natural caffeine, smooth taste and all the indulgence of a nitro latte.”

High Brew Coffee uses industry-leading widget technology to infuse nitrogen into each of the brand's nitro products, so more nitrogen is released into the beverage than when using the infusion process, it says. The in-can widget included in each of High Brew Coffee's nitro offerings injects nitrogen at the point of consumption, offering a more premium, fresh injection than many other similar products. Nitrogen bubbles are much smaller than normal carbonation bubbles, which creates a frothier, creamier cold brew. Additionally, nitro cold brew is less acidic than regular cold brew beverages and delivers a bold, less bitter taste than hot coffee, according to the company.

High Brew Coffee Sweet Cream Nitro contains 200 mgs of natural occurring caffeine. Like all High Brew Coffee products, the new nitro cold brew beverage is made from 100 percent Arabica, direct-trade beans, which are cold brewed over time, never heated. With a suggested retail price of $3.69, the new variety can be purchased online at www.highbrewcoffee.com as well as at select retailers, including Sprouts, Safeway, Albertsons, HEB and others.