Rémy Martin announced a limited-edition VSOP bottle inspired by the iconic design first commercialized in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The refreshed design with gold detailing pays tribute to the musical excellence of mixtape culture and invites a rediscovery of Cognac's timeless elegance, the company says.

The limited-edition packaging pays homage to the legendary sounds that stemmed from two influential decades in music. Throughout music history, the figurative beat of a city, neighborhood, or territory, have helped curate the unique sounds that come from that ground. The heart and soul of local communities created cultural movements that paved the way for future artists to innovate, while paying homage to their roots and the musical styles that came before them. Rémy Martin's own terroir, the physical ground of the Fine Champagne region in Cognac, France reflects the same quality of craft that can emerge from one distinct place. Rémy Martin's excellence is is the result of a harmonious collaboration of savoir-faire, terroir and time dating back almost 300 years, the company says.

"The Rémy Martin VSOP bottle has been an icon in music culture for generations, and we are thrilled to debut this refreshed limited-edition design," said Tina Reejsinghani, vice president at Rémy Martin Americas, in a statement. "Musical artists of the past have shaped and inspired the sounds we hear in music today and that same timeless excellence is reflected in what we have celebrated with our Cognacs throughout our own history."

Rémy Martin's legacy of celebrating communities and excellence in the global music scene continues with the release of the limited-edition VSOP bottle design. Most recently, the House launched "Ground's Melody," a two-part content series which revealed the figurative and literal parallels between music and Rémy Martin Cognac, both entities rooted in cultures of excellence. Last summer, Rémy Martin announced the first-ever "House Beats Challenge," led by globally recognized music producers, where fans had the chance to submit a beat using sounds from their home for a chance to win a VIP event to foster mentorship. Additionally, the Rémy Producers series honored the exploration of new sounds from local level artists and created a platform for music producers. This program provided these emerging artists with mentorship from industry leaders, including Grammy-award winning talent.

The limited-edition Rémy Martin VSOP is available for purchase in select states and online retailers at a suggested retail price of $50.