1850 Coffee has partnered with Farmer Connect and IBM Blockchain Technology to allow coffee drinkers to trace their coffee back to its origin through a QR code located on select bags of its coffee. The brand also added 1850 100 percent Colombian coffee in K-Cups to the program, which hit shelves in December 2020. Consumers can scan the QR code on the K-Cup or their bag of 100 percent Colombian 1850 coffee and unlock a hub of information, including where the coffee was grown, processed and exported. Through the Blockchain technology, which has been adapted from the IBM Food Trust model, consumers have access to unprecedented transparency,” the company said, in a statement. “The technology uses a time-stamped series of data managed by a group of networks to ensure completion and validity of information.” The coffees with the QR codes are available on Amazon, Ahold/Delhaize, Meijer, Price Chopper, Schnucks, SuperValu and Niemans Foods.