ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology) launched an adaptable liquid cannabis beverage enhancement that can be added to any drink for a customizable experience, it says. ALT’s liquid formula and precision-dose packaging allows the consumer to mix, for example, 2 mg of the liquid into a smoothie or seltzer or enjoy 5 mg in a cocktail or mocktail, according to the company. ALT’s container features pre-measured markings on the sides of the 5 mg vials and dose-control 1 mg cap. The liquid is available in 5 mg and 10 mg formulations, in packs of five 5 mg vials for a suggested retail price of $28; in packs of five 10 mg vials for $38; in 5 mg singles for $6 and in 10 mg singles for $8.

ALT, Los Angeles
Distribution: Select markets, online