Baltimore Spirits Co. announced it is re-releasing its award-winning Maple Syrup Post Epoch Rye Whiskey. The Maple Syrup Post Epoch Rye has been aged for three years and spent the past 11 months finishing in a special oak barrel that first held bourbon and was then used to age maple syrup creating a smooth whiskey with a sweet maple syrup finish, it says. It also is releasing a limited-edition Singularities Genever-style Gin produced with McClintock Distilling, a gin made in the traditional Dutch fashion using mash from McClintock’s Bootjack Rye Whiskey aged for 18 months. The Maple Syrup Post Epoch Rye retails for $59.99 for a bottle and the Singularities Genever-style Gin retails for $29.99.

Baltimore Spirits Co., Baltimore
Distribution: Select markets, online