Royal DSM launched DelvoPlant, a range of enzymes for optimizing the taste, texture and sweetness of plant-based drinks. Part of DSM’s expanding portfolio of solutions for dairy alternatives, these enzymes offer a variety of benefits, including increasing the solubility of protein and reducing viscosity as well as improving mouthfeel and unlocking the natural sweetness of raw materials like rice, soy and oats, the company says. By helping to deliver an appealing dairy alternative experience, the DelvoPlant enzymes allow brands to develop cereal- and non-cereal-based drinks that will ensure today’s discerning consumers keep coming back for more, it adds. The DelvoPlant enzyme portfolio can help brands overcome these challenges by making the elements naturally present in raw materials such as rice and oats more soluble and easier to process, enhancing the mouthfeel and sweetness of plant-based drinks. Depending on the application, the enzymes can unlock glucose and/or maltose to help manufacturers create healthier dairy alternative beverages without added sugar, to offer sweetness that can be tailored to align with local market preferences, the company says. The new DelvoPlant enzyme range also improves the availability of minerals and in oat-based drinks, these solutions can reduce the gluten content, it adds.

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