Brenton LLC, a division of ProMach, unveiled its new case packing machine, the M2000. Designed with flexibility, frequent changeovers, faster machine commissioning and minimal maintenance in mind, the M2000 enables companies to automate their end-of-line packaging solutions and keep throughput moving and on-schedule, the company says. Smaller, emerging companies also share a unique set of needs as they typically are smaller and have less experience with automation, but still require the ability to scale upwards using the same equipment. Emerging brands oftentimes are utilizing new or imaginative package designs to attract customers. The M2000 delivers a turnkey solution that is fully integrated within a suppliers existing infrastructure with parts that work together. The system features standardized, predefined modular configurations and reduces commissions from a standard 32 weeks down to 16 weeks. The M2000s maximum output handles as many as 35 cases a minute, a top-speed limit that includes gluing and sealing flaps, making the M2000 one of the highest-operating machines in a small footprint format, the company says. The use of servo-indexing further contributes to the system's efficiency and sensitivity because it provides intermittent motion within the machine, indexing and keeping track of each cardboard piece through encoding. 

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