Brenton LLC, a product brand of ProMach, introduced its next generation intermediate case packer, the Brenton M2000. The M2000, which replaces the top-selling Brenton Mach 2, maintains the mechanical precision of the Mach 2, while adding updates to the electrics and esthetics that reduce the case packer’s footprint by 25 percent, shortens installation time, and creates an easy to operate machine, the company says. The machine offers a faster and more assured start-up, simpler and easier operation, and higher uptime through quicker changeovers, it adds. The M2000 is rated at between 12 and 30 wrap-around, regular slotted cases (RSC) or trays a minute. The Mach 2’s stand-alone control enclosure has been eliminated in favor of locating several compact enclosures on the M2000, contributing to a reduced footprint. In addition, enclosures on the machine and distributed I/O are designed to simplify wiring requirements, resulting in a start-up within days, not weeks, and overall simpler troubleshooting. Changeover verification technology guides operators through the changeover process quickly and accurately, it says. If any setting is off for the specified recipe, the M2000 will not run. This feature reduces the likelihood of damage to the machine from an incorrect adjustment. For speedy issue resolution, various sections of the M2000 are assigned specific colored task lighting that illuminates a fault and pinpoints for personnel the area of the machine to examine. Bright white LED strip lighting throughout the M2000 provides a well-illuminated workspace for operations and maintenance personnel. Clear polycarbonate cladding along the length of the machine gives personnel an unobstructed view of critical operations.

Brenton LLC
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