Fast, simple tape threading Dekka, a product brand of ProMach, introduced the re-engineered Dekka SE tape head for case formers, case erectors and case sealers. The enhanced tap head, which features stainless steel construction, is designed to improve end-of-line speed, uptime and quality sealing, the company says. In addition, tape head functions such as tape application, wipe down of trailing tape, and tape cutting have been upgraded for a higher level of precision, speed and quality. In terms of cutting, the improved Dekka SE, the brand’s flagship model, offers a stronger spring and improved design of the cutting lever, bringing faster, stronger and deeper cuts. The enhancement not only results in overall better cutting, the device delivers considerably better results in applications where less tension is required or situations where the machine must account for corrugated variance, the company says. Additionally, the mounting of the blade has been changed to provide a more effective cut, enabling the blade to pierce and cut the tape significantly easier, resulting in more consistent and reliable cuts. Dekka also has improved both the tape applying and wipe down systems for a complete upgrade. The roller arm used for trailing end wipe down has been made incrementally longer to ensure an improved finish over the last generation design. Re-engineering and reinforcing key systems also ensure greater tape application consistency for higher quality sealing and longer service life. New operational labeling and the incorporation of quick response code (QR) barcode tags placed at various locations on the tape head also have been added to the design.

Dekka Industries
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