Sparkling Ice sparkling waters, a brand of Seattle-based Talking Rain Beverage Co., showcased the packaging redesign of its Sparkling Ice +Caffeine, in all six flavors. Featuring a clean, bright and ombre-like design, this colorful refresh will roll out across the country beginning in October, the company says. 

The Sparkling Ice brand is putting its expressive design to the test with a sleek and smooth packaging that embodies the line’s purpose as both a functional and flavorful beverage, giving consumers the extra boost they need to power through the day, it says. Developed by Talking Rain’s in-house graphic design team, the goal of this redesign was to better represent the flavorful sparkling beverage, now amplified with caffeine. The plus sign feature within the logo depicts the “supercharged” element of the product, supported by the ice cube dropping into energetic distortion and noise with vibrant hues, the company adds.

“With zero sugar and the added boost of caffeine, Sparkling Ice +Caffeine has quickly become a favorite among Sparkling Ice drinkers and new consumers alike,” said Sarah Gustat, executive vice president of marketing at Talking Rain Beverage Co., in a statement. “It’s only fitting that this beloved line extension receive an equally special package design, made possible by our talented in-house designers.”

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine comes in six flavors: Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Vanilla, Orange Passion Fruit, Strawberry Citrus, and Triple Citrus.