Keeping equipment sanitary has never been more important. Madison Chemical offers DART 444, a chlorinated, moderately alkaline detergent designed as a one package, general-purpose foaming cleaner that performs well in hard or soft water. When used in a foam generator,” it produces a thick, stable, wet foam without dry-out or run-off, the company says. Ideal for cleaning vertical, overhead surfaces, especially machinery surfaces that are difficult to clean, DART 444 is suitable for cleaning ferrous and stainless surfaces, and most copper alloys. It also rinses easily and without streaking. Typically, the foaming cleaner is used from 1 to 10 percent by volume in ambient to 140 degree Fahrenheit water with actual dilutions varying depending on product residue and soil loading, the company says. An A1 general cleaning agent, DART 444 has been proven effective in beverage processing facilities for use on dough mixers, mixing tanks, conveyor lines and more, it adds.

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