Brewery PAK has announced the expansion of the Insurance Risk Assessment Drone (iRAD) service for  breweries. Through iRAD, brewery owners can receive a comprehensive risk assessment of their property from a bird’s eye view in high definition. The drone technology will quickly and efficiently pinpoint any brewery risk exposures while accurately managing insurance property inspections, the company says. The inspection can help identify wildfire risks, property damage, potential equipment malfunctions, uninsured/underinsured equipment and structures so businesses can promptly respond. The assessment also will provide exact survey data of breweries, including their acreage, volume and square footage, in addition to their property elevation and infrastructure. The process not only ensures breweries are operating as safely as possible, but also can help confirm they are receiving the right insurance coverage for their needs. Brewery PAK provides a broad range of coverages for brewery operations of all sizes, including beer production, taprooms, restaurants, beer storage, barrel aging programs and special events.