BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has teamed up with Print Club London to launch a limited-edition, hand-made screen printing kit as part of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’s “Stir Creativity at Home” series. Designed to encourage cocktail and art creativity, the exclusive set features original artwork vinyls from Print Club artist, James Daw as well as a 24-ounce bottle of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin and collection of creative cocktail recipes. The kit also comes with an A4 screen printing frame, three paint packets and a squeegee to complete the process. The kits will be available to buy on June 13 (World Gin Day) from the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Distillery e-Shop for a suggested retail price of $49. James Daw commented: “Whilst the pace of life is slightly different for some of us at the moment, this is the perfect time to enjoy exploring your creative side. Screen printing is a lesser known art form than painting or sketching, and a lot of people might not have tried it before but there is absolutely no reason to feel intimidated by something unfamiliar. Screen printing is a brilliant way to explore a new skill, with the rewarding output of a unique piece of art.”