CO2 Meter Inc. released its new multi-sensor system: the CM-7000. The new monitoring system provides restaurants, breweries, laboratories and agriculture facilities with the ability to monitor as many as 12 sensors from a central 8-inch, touchscreen control panel, the company says. Developed using the most stringent codes, the CM-7000’s launch gives customers the ability to ensure compliance and safety while monitoring as many as 12 remote sensors that all link back to a full-color display tablet. This allows the end user to see and control all sensors and reporting activities from a single location. In addition, each sensor is individually addressable, allowing end users to label each sensor’s precise location in the facility. The control tablet’s setting menu also is password protected and features advanced and customizable alarm configurations in case of an incident. Later this year, the company plans to launch a new iteration of the CM-7000, which will detect multiple gas types, such as carbon dioxide and oxygen, allowing the machine to individually recognize distinct gas sensors, and will include more than 12 sensors, it says.

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