Beverage packaging supplier Zuckerman Honickman Inc. has partnered with Pulp Packaging International (Pulp Pak), which developed a patented biodegradable bottle for liquids made entirely from environmentally sustainable materials — namely, molded pulp. The product represents as much as a 90 percent reduction in plastic with the goal of 100 percent reduction in the future. As part of the partnership, Zuckerman Honickman will be the exclusive supplier of Pulp Pak's biodegradable packaging. "We need to constantly stay at the forefront of packaging innovation, and after looking at many opportunities, we felt that Pulp Pak offers us the most viable option as an alternative to PET," said Zuckerman Honickman Inc. President Michael Zuckerman in a statement. Pulp Pak Chief Executive Officer Lee Green added: "Internationally, there has been significant attention regarding the detriment of single-use plastics. Our sustainable packaging has been identified as a solution to this problem. Zuckerman Honickman has stepped into the forefront of this revolution by partnering with us and we are extremely enthusiastic about the future opportunities."