Improved durability, low cost of ownership and sustainability are three of the buzz phrases that are defining the latest offerings from some of the industry’s leading commercial tire suppliers. As we roll into 2020, here are some of the solutions to keep an eye out for to ensure that your operation is always moving forward smoothly and safely.



Michelin Americas Truck Tires offers the Michelin X Multi D, a regional drive-position tire, designed for use in applications that include food and beverage delivery. The tire is designed with an advanced regenerating tread that provides water evacuation and traction throughout the life of the tire, while full-depth Matrix siping allows for a biting grip as the tread wears.

The X Multi D features co-extruded, scrub-resistant rubber for first-class mileage, and cooler running rubber to help minimize heat buildup for increased casing life.

The tire features a pass-through open shoulder that allows for quick evacuation of water, mud and slush from beneath the tread surface area, and the biting edges of the tread allow the tire to grip onto surfaces right away, even in difficult, snowy conditions. The X Multi D tire also will get 65 percent better mileage than the Michelin XDE M/S model, the company says. The sidewall features TW6 OzoneShield technology for increased protection against weathering. The X Multi D performance is backed by a confidence guarantee. If the tire does not meet expectations for mileage, traction and driver satisfaction, then Michelin will reimburse any cost difference for a competitive drive tire. Michelin is bringing this tire to market to serve the demanding needs of regional fleets, specifically those with 4-by-2 and 6-by-2 configurations.


Cooper Tire

Cooper Tire has introduced both a new long-haul trailer (LHT) and long-haul steer (LHS) tire, which complete the company’s signature Cooper PRO Series product lineup with fitments at each tractor/trailer wheel position.

According to Gary Schroeder, executive director of Copper’s Global Truck & Bus Tire business, the Cooper PRO Series provides fleets with outstanding value for long-haul operations. Schroeder notes that benchmarking tests show the PRO Series’ low cost of ownership (LCO) is equal to or lower than competitive Tier 1 tires. Additionally, Cooper’s LCO performance is backed by a seven-year, two-retread warranty with full replacement value for the first 50 percent of tread life.

The Cooper PRO Series LHS and LHT tires feature Cooper’s ECO (Energy Conservation Optimization) technology. This combines tire design, compounding and construction to provide an ultra-low rolling resistance tire that both exceeds SmartWay standard requirements by 15 percent and meets the EPA’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requirements set for 2021.

To provide long miles until removal, the tire features 12/32nds of tread depth, and was designed with a V-shaped tread pattern, with ribs evenly spaced for better load distribution. The design helps ward off irregular wear, and its four-belt steel casing construction helps ensure a long-lasting trailer tire that will provide multiple retreads to drive down costs.

Helping improve tire maintenance is Cooper’s Wear Square, which is encased on the tire’s shoulder ribs. The square shows tread depth through five different evolving patterns. A “square” shows full tread depth, while an “L” shape shows that half of the tread remains. The Wear Square will also show when the tire should be pulled for retreading. Because Wear Squares are placed on both sides of the tire, they also can indicate when irregular wear is taking place. If the wear patterns don’t match, it’s an early warning sign to the technician of a likely axle or camber issue. This allows the fleet to make the appropriate corrective actions, ultimately extending tire life and overall mileage.



Continental showcased a wide range of solutions within its portfolio at the recent North American Commercial Vehicle Show. Among those was the Conti HSR 3, a regional steer tire designed to deliver optimal mileage. The model replaces the HSR2 in regional steer usage, delivering higher mileage than its predecessor. A key element that sets the HSR 3 apart from the HSR 2 is the enhanced belt package. With significant engineering improvements, it withstands highly concentrated pressure and increases penetration resistance. Built for increased stiffness, it reduces heat build-up for improved wear and longer mileage.

The HSR 3 is built on the Contin 3G casing for improved durability and retreadability.

Meanwhile, the Conti EcoPlus HS3 is the company’s most fuel-efficient steer tire, offering maximum fuel economy and on-road mileage in longer-haul applications.



Last year, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. announced that it had expanded its eCommerce platform to include commercial tires, a move that should be a welcome development for beverage delivery fleets. The new program enables operators to buy Goodyear commercial truck tires and schedule tire installation with participating dealers online. The eCommerce program officially launched in the third quarter of 2019 and is available via the company’s commercial tier website, Once on the platform, customers can select the right tires for their operation, as well as select an installation date and time with a participating dealer. BI