Boxed Water Is Better, Holland, Mich., announced it will add a 330-ml size to its line of water packaged in 100 percent recyclable and paper-based cartons. The current product assortment is available in 250-ml, 500-ml and 1-liter boxes that are packed in six-pack, 12-pack and 24-pack configurations.

"We're adding a 330-ml in response to overwhelming requests from our consumers and trade partners," said Daryn Kuipers, chief executive officer of Boxed Water, in a statement. "We saw an opportunity between the 250-ml and 500-ml products based on our remarkable growth in key channels. We have become the standard in sustainable luxury at many premium venues offering unique, curated products for their guests."

Boxed Water is entering its 10th year in operation and has become a brand solution for eco-conscious consumers, the company says. As consumers look for alternatives to plastic and aluminum, they have discovered Boxed Water delivers on three key solutions: sustainable, refillable and recyclable, it adds.

Beyond water, Boxed Water has expanded its reputation to include other progressive ideas. The company’s hashtag #BetterPlanet reforestation efforts have resulted in more than 858,000 trees planted in our National Forests based on social media posts from passionate fans. It also has coordinated beach cleanups nationwide with its supporters and brand partners.

The new package will be available at retail in the first quarter of 2020, as well as online at and Amazon.

"We're pleased to offer the new size while maintaining our unique design aesthetic that has captured the public's love and attention," Kuipers said.