Baltimore Spirits Co. (BSC) has released its annual Asimina Pumila Pechuga spirit, a specialty liquor described by the distillery as “a reverent nod to Mexican Pechugas and a love letter to Maryland terroir.” Asimina Pumila Pechuga is a spin on a rare style of mezcal, the company says. BSC takes its smoked apple brandy and introduces locally foraged paw paws, persimmons and black walnuts in a copper-pot still, then hangs a whole Maryland-cured country ham in the middle to undergo an extended distillation process. The local fruits, nuts and meat infuse the spirit into a one-of-a-kind drinking experience for special occasions, the company says. Because of Maryland’s limited paw paw season, the spirit isproduced once a year. A 750-ml bottle is available for $59.99 for a bottle.

Baltimore Spirit Co., Baltimore
Distribution: Select markets