The new year is here, and with it, Illinois is tapping into the cannibidiol (CBD) craze by legalizing recreational marijuana. Health and wellness, and the demand for clean-label products and stress-relieving beverages with functional benefits will continue to surge forward in 2020.

To find out what 2020 holds for the beverage industry, a few market research firms weighed in on their upcoming top trends and predictions.

“Holistic Wellness” tops the lists of mega trends influencing purchase decisions in Imbibe’s annual “U.S. beverage trends predictions for 2020.” The Niles, Ill.-beverage development company suggests that demand for beverages that support physical and emotional health will continue to be a catalyst for innovation.

“Expect brands to ‘go back to the basics’ by incorporating essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and protein into functional beverages,” it states. “Natural flavors from superfruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as flavors ... like s’mores, birthday cake and Creamsicle will be widely represented in better-for-you beverages across categories.”

Consumers also are on the hunt for functional beverages with less sugar, and the natural juiciness of blueberries perfectly fills that role, according to a press release from Geneva, Switzerland-based Firmenich.

In fact, Firmenich has announced “Classic Blueberry” as the flavor of the year for 2020, due to its longstanding association with well-being.

“What’s classic is new again,” said Emmanuel Butstraen, president of Firmenich Flavors, in a statement. “With blueberry we celebrate a flavor that is timeless and enduring, but also increasingly relevant.”

Mood-boosting and stress-relieving beverages enhanced with novel ingredients like adaptogens and CBD will be in the spotlight as well, according to Imbibe. “Popular flavors will include botanicals like lavender, rose and chamomile, as well as indulgent flavors that mask offnotes common with these ingredients like variations of chocolate and vanilla,” it states.