Automation Products Inc.’s Dynatrol Division offers a line of high, intermediate and low point level detectors for liquids or slurries. The new Dynatrol Teflon-coated Liquid Level Switch, CL-10GH CIP, provides four times the NEMA washdown duty for the food and beverage industries, the company says. Applications include fruit and vegetable juices, plant-based waters, fructose, corn syrup, sugar liquor, oils and slurries. The detector provides rugged construction with a sensitive transmission of vibration energy. Pairing the level switch with the Dynatrol EC-501A(G) Control Unit increases stability by eliminating the variances of direct input power. The CL-10GH Liquid Level Switch has no moving parts, floats, diaphragms or packing glands that could deteriorate. It also requires no field adjustments and can be installed in almost any position on a vessel or pipe, the company says. The CL-10GH CIP has a pressure rating of 3,000 psig at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and a temperature rating of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, with even higher-temperature construction available.

Automation Products Inc., Dynatrol Division
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