Emerson and Arrowhead Systems have partnered to produce a next-generation solution designed to increase uptime for high-speed palletizer production used in container stacking. The Busse SJI Viper and Alpha Turbo High Speed Depalletizer also can be used with other primary products and, when paired with Emerson’s machine health-monitoring, gives customers a solution for greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). It accomplishes this through real-time monitoring of critical motion and pneumatic system parameters, including air flow, pressure, vacuum, mechanical actuation speeds and motor vibration, the companies say. The solution also provides system analytics through a local display and remote monitoring on a tablet or smartphone, which are processed at the edge via a local data historian. Along with giving operators an easily accessible tool for monitoring equipment health, it also offers the quickest and most scalable way to increase OEE and ultimately, the overall production efficiency of plant operations. The new, edge-based system has the PACSystems CPL410 at its core to bring all sensor data together for accessibility, visualization and analysis. It also is customizable and scalable so it can adapt to any primary product palletizing system or complete packaging line.

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