Cooper Tire announced the release of a new tire in its commercial long-haul lineup: the Roadmaster RM832 EM steer tire. The new tire is SmartWay verified and blends excellent fuel efficiency with long miles until tire change is necessary due to 18/32nds of tread depth, as well as an improved tread design and advanced rubber compound, the company says. The tire offers small fleets and long-lasting owner-operators top performance because of the tire’s wide footprint and four-belt high tensile steel casing that help to better distribute weight, while the newly designed decoupling groove further enhances even wear by minimizing shoulder wear, according to the company. The revamped Roadmaster tire also incorporates second-generation Energy Max compounding, which results in excellent fuel economy, it says. The Roadmaster steer tire comes with a six-year, two-retread warranty, and is available in seven sizes.

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