At K 2019 in Germany, Frigel Firenze S.P.A. unveiled its newest technology: the Frigel Ecodry System 4.0, an integrated, “process-synchronized” cooling solution for the plastics industry. The company also highlighted new developments in cooling and mold temperature control at the tradeshow. These included new full digital control technology and innovations, and upgrades in numerous product categories. Taking center stage was the patented Ecodry – Adiabatic Fluid Cooler, a proven adiabatic cooling technology that generates water savings of 95 percent, the company says. The unit was showcased in a glycol-free, self-draining configuration, with an inverter driven pumping station and new advanced digital control panel. The company also presented its Microgel – TCUs with booster pumps and integrated portable chiller along with high-performance mold cooling units and the RCM/D Series for single and dual zones, for molding throughputs from 10 to 900 kilograms (kg) an hour (20 to 2,000 pounds an hour). Also on hand was the Microgel for Packaging (RCP Series), which handles a range of 100 to 2,000 kg an hour (220 to 4,400 pounds an hour), the company says. The RCM/D Series and the RCP Series now feature 100 percent new digital technology and touchscreen control.

Frigel Firenze S.P.A., Via Pisana
316 50018 – Scandicci (FI), Italy