Somic America unveiled its new, entry-level ReadyPack end-of-line case packing system, which is a smaller version of the company’s 424 T2 case-packing machine and a much smaller iteration of the larger SOMIC FLEXX III that debuted a year ago. ReadyPack precisely collates groups and cartons products in trays, and open, wraparound, display, and folding cases. Depending on the function, the ReadyPack operates at speeds of as many as 160 products a minute in case-packing mode, as many as 18 packaging units a minute in tray-packing mode, and 12 products a minute when it functions as a wraparound machine, the company says. While the ReadyPack machine runs at a slower pace, it features advanced mechatronics, including Rockwell Automation controls, and it is user friendly and easily handles single-component packaging, including standup pouches, flow packs and glass jars for retail, food and beverage, and consumer goods manufacturers, the company says.

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