An emerging beverage brand, The Plug launched of its science backed anti-hangover drink. The Plug features an all-natural proprietary formula with zero added sugar, the company says. Utilizing South Korea's expansive ecological area, The Plug sources pure bedrock water from the foot of the Unak Mountain in Pocheon. Additionally, the ingredient list includes a blend of 13 herbal plants and flowers including DHM (oriental raisin tree), dandelion, chrysanthemum, and honeysuckle, which work together to support the breakdown of alcohol in the body and help your liver to flush toxins, according to the company. For the best results, it is recommended to drink The Plug before, during, or within two hours after one’s last alcoholic beverage, it adds. The Plug now is available on the brand's website in six-, 12- and 24-packs for $29, $54 and $98, respectively. A monthly subscription delivery service also is offered for the following price points: six-pack for $25, 12-pack for $46 and a 24-pack for $84.

The Plug, Los Angeles


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