At the K tradeshow, KHS will present a new PET concept based on the juice bottle as an example. The concept combines an environmentally friendly packaging solution in one container and thereby supports the theory of circular economy, the company says. The system provider shows how efficiency and sustainability go hand-in-hand by offering further line-compatible container solutions in addition to its Bottles & Shapes service offering. With these technologies, KHS offers a new PET bottle with a line solution aimed at protecting the environment, and provides its customers with more resource-conserving packaging options, it says. The company’s PET portfolio covers the entire value chain, ranging from innovative bottle design to energy and resource-efficient production processes. Set to debut at the K tradeshow, the new PET bottle demonstrates the company’s extensive know-how in creating a unique container unparalleled to date, it says. The concept, developed in partnership with an environmental service provider, continues the company’s strategy to reduce, recycle and reuse, it adds. In addition, the bottles provide a high level of product protection, a longer shelf life and are completely recyclable while conserving on additional resources.

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