Jacques Alexandre Azoulay has paired with wine connoisseur Scott Glauber as the importer and distributor of PairME Wines, a new brand aimed at making high-quality French wines accessible to millennials, it says.

With the consultation of expert wine curators, New York-based PairME has sourced and produced fine wines optimized to accompany various meals, thereby simplifying or eliminating the wine decision-making process for consumers, it adds.

“We are delighted to bring our knowledge and passion for wine to consumers who may not have the time or resources to learn the idiosyncrasies of different grapes,” said Glauber, co-founder and chief executive officer for PairME Wines, in a statement. “By individually curating each wine based on consumers' meal preferences and palettes, we hope to democratize the sommelier experience.”

Azoulay, importer and distributor of PairME added: “Having worked in the wine industry for decades, PairME is an innovative concept to effortlessly provide everyday consumers with the curation expertise of leaders in the industry.”

PairME currently targets three separate food experiences to simplify the selection process for wine consumers.

Currently available is a white wine to accompany fish. Made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape of the Loire Valley, "The Wine for Seafood" can be purchased at retailers across New York City.

PairME also is in the process of launching a Rosé wine to accompany summer salads and a red wine for steak pairings.

It aims to expand its wine repertoire and distribution to markets across the nation. "PairME is a 21st century brand that quickly and easily guarantees an Old World, high-quality wine experience at little to no effort by consumers, and for an affordable price," said Co-Founder Ayush Maheshwari in a statement.