The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Los Angeles, has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the TV series “Friends.” To commemorate the milestone, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf collaborated with Warner Bros. to create special-edition Central Perk Coffee and Central Perk Tea products, named after the show's legendary coffee shop. The Friends-inspired coffee products now are available for purchase online and will be available in retail stores starting July 31 through the end of summer.

The following are the new packaged products:

  • Central Perk Medium Roast – Perfectly balanced coffee with a nutty aroma and a sweet, smooth finish that will make you feel like you're sipping a java from Central Perk
  • Central Perk Dark Roast – Rich, aromatic coffee with sweet, chocolate undertones that pack a punch and serve as a hearty pick-me-up
  • Central Perk Tea – Freshly steeped black tea blended with bright citrus to create a sweet and refreshing flavor profile

In addition to the Central Perk coffee and tea products, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also will launch limited-edition Friends-themed specialty beverages named after the show's beloved characters. The new specialty drinks are available from July 31 through Aug. 27 and include the following:

  • The Joey (Mango Cold Brew Tea) – The sweet, juicy flavor of mango pairs with a fruity cold-brew tea for an enticing and seductive treat that is sure to turn heads just like Joey Tribbiani's and ask, "How you doin'?"
  • The Monica (Midnight Mocha Cold Brew) – Cold brew perfection is here. Rich, dark chocolate syrup combined with the company’s bold, 20-hour steeped cold brew creates precisely balanced flavors of coffee and chocolate for perfectionists like Monica Geller.
  • The Rachel (Matcha Latte) – Indulge yourself like Rachel Green, with the lightly sweetened blend of ceremonial grade matcha with our silky vanilla powder and milk. Perfect for the trendsetters and matcha enthusiasts alike.
  • The Ross (Classic Flat White) – No awkwardness here, this beverage is sophisticated and sleek, just how Ross Geller wants to be. Freshly pulled espresso shots finished with lightly aerated milk, makes for a sweet, velvety refreshment. Get ready to be taken seriously.
  • The Chandler (Caramel Coconut Latte) – It won't be hard to commit to this drink. A blend of creamy coconut and toasted caramel infused with our extroverted espresso that not even Chandler Bing can say no to.
  • The Phoebe (Cookies and Cream Ice Blended) – The combination of sweet, creamy vanilla, a splash of espresso and chocolate cookie pieces that is guaranteed to put a pep in your step and have you singing just like Phoebe Buffay.

As part of the Friends-themed celebration, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also will offer a limited time Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGO) special starting on Aug. 4, National FRIENDship Day. For one week, guests that buy one Friends-themed beverage will receive one free Friends-themed drink to share with a friend.