Dallas-based Four Corners Brewing Co. is coming to Southern California, expanding distribution of its flagship El Chingón IPA and new El Grito Lager. This introduction marks the first region outside of Texas where the craft brewery's beers will be available, it says.

Four Corners brings together the culture of craft brewing with Mexican-American bicultural heritage, creating flavorful, craft beers accompanied by vibrant, lotería-inspired branding, the company says. The brewery is perched at the intersection of the growing popularity of traditional Mexican import beers and the innovative nature of craft brewing. This blend results in a craft brewery with the ability to appeal to a wide range of culturally diverse beer drinkers, it adds.

"Four Corners Brewing Co. is a collective beer journey that has taken us from better-beer enthusiasts and homebrewers to launching and nurturing our brand with the people of Texas for more than seven years," said Co-Founder George Esquivel in a statement. "We're proud and excited that our journey now provides the opportunity to brew our bold, delicious beers in San Diego and raise a pint with the people of Southern California."

Four Corners will launch in Southern California with two flagship offerings: El Chingón IPA and new El Grito Lager. Both now are available throughout Los Angeles and San Diego in colorful seis-packs, priced around $9.99 for El Chingón IPA and $8.99 for El Grito Lager. The beers also will be available on draft at popular bars and restaurants. The brewery plans to introduce more beers from its line-up to SoCal over time, it adds.

"There are many IPAs but only one is 'El Chingón'," Esquivel said. As the name indicates, the beer is aggressive with a chingón factor of 7.3 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and 72 international bittering units (IBU), the company says. The brew profile is malt forward balanced with a badass blend of American C hops, it adds. The label artwork of a big hop cone is a symbol of reverence to the West Coast-style IPA movement, which served as its inspiration.

On the lighter side, El Grito Lager is a perfect choice for sunny California weather. The beer balances a traditional pilsner malt with Huell Melon hops, which add hints of citrus notes and a slight floral aroma. At 4.4 percent ABV, El Grito Lager is a crisp, snappy, sessionable beer.