Wellness-focused data technology company SPINS, Chicago, and The Data Council a provider of verified and standardized product data and images, announced their expanded partnership, which will infuse The Data Council's IX-ONE platform with SPINS health and wellness insights, providing brands, retailers, and their partners with increased item-level transparency and completeness as well as a highly efficient one-stop integrated solution, the companies say.

The partnership will bring to bear a series of solutions in 2019 encompassing a full spectrum of item-level data, including product images, supply chain, health and wellness, diets, sustainability and beyond. The data flow will infuse value into every touch point between suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and their partners including decisions and solutions related to sourcing, vendor selection, category management, shopper engagement and more, the companies say. Mutual clients of SPINS and those in the IX-ONE exchange will be better positioned to react to market needs for increased transparency, visibility into health benefits and sustainability information in a timely fashion with greater operational efficiency, they add.

"Today's item set up solutions are often fragmented, jeopardizing data quality, accuracy, depth and completeness when it comes to health and wellness," said Irina Mazur, president of SPINS product intelligence, in a statement. "Retailers and brands with access to comprehensive item details will succeed in the battle for shopper acquisition and loyalty and will secure their position in the market. This partnership raises the bar, putting our customers well ahead of their competition from the start."

Ian Haldimann, president of Advantage's Technology Platforms, added: "By collaborating with SPINS, we are able to enhance our services and provide all-inclusive access needed to go to market. The result is faster speed-to-shelf with greater operational efficiency and an elevated loyalty experience for the brand."