Sidel recently launched a new PET packaging solution: BoostPRIME. BoostPRIME is an alternative for hot-filled beverages in PET bottles and expands opportunities for product premiumization and revenue generation with no compromise on packaging performance and consumer experience, the company says. The patented solution is addressing the single-serve market of juice, nectar, soft drink, isotonics and tea (JNSDIT) filled in PET bottles as large as 1.2-liter at temperatures between 85-88 degrees Celsius. BoostPRIME removes the need for restrictive vacuum panels or the introduction of gas into PET bottles normally required for the containers to withstand hot-filling temperatures, the company says. The final bottle shape is achieved with an active base inversion and relies on three key features with minor impact on the packaging manufacturing line layout. This includes a packaging design with a specific packaging base geometry; a base over stroke system (BOSS), which mechanically forms the bottle base during the blowing process; and a base inversion that should be completed after filling and capping, tilting and cooling and before labeling. The solution increases packaging appeal and total shape freedom to achieve premium and distinctive PET bottles with a smoother bottle wall surface and stronger bottle when labeling. In addition, the sustainable solution features measurable PET resin savings as the bottles weigh as much as 30 percent less than conventional HR PET bottles, the company says. Available in a several production configurations, BoostPRIME can be utilized in off-line and in-line production with the Sidel stand-alone blower and integrated blow-fill-cap Combi, the SBO Universal, the SBO Matrix blower ranges as well as for contact filling and flow meter filling.

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