In the new year, one of my goals is to eat healthier by avoiding fast food and drinking more water. Thanks to a 21 day season of fasting and prayer at my church, I’m well on the way. I’ve also pledged to be more adventurous in both my travels and food and beverage choices.

For the first time, my husband, son and I are planning a trip to Europe, specifically to Baja, Hungary, and Hatzfeld, Romania, to attend the 4th World Meeting of the Danube Swabian Cultural Groups. As members of a German dance group, we will soak up the culture, attend wine tastings and cruise down the famed Danube River in Budapest.

It seems that I’m not alone in my quest for new adventures. Innova Market Insights states that catering to “the adventurous consumer” is No. 1 on the research firm’s “Top Ten Trends for 2019.” Targeting the increasingly adventurous consumers set on new discoveries and experiences will be key in the food and beverage industry, it states.

“The connected world has led consumers of all ages to become more knowledgeable of other cultures, contributing to 35 percent growth of ‘discovery’ claims when comparing 2017 and 2016 new product launch numbers,” it reports. “… Consumers are moving out of their comfort zones to explore bolder flavors and multisensory food experiences.”

At No. 2, the plant kingdom and the plant-based market shows no signs of slowing down, as companies and brands are “greening up” their portfolios to attract mainstream consumers, the market research firm says.

Rounding out the Top 5 are Alternatives to All, with consumers adding alternative proteins like lentils and chickpeas to their diets; Green Appeal, including waste reduction through upcycled ingredients and post-consumer recycling; and Snacking: the Definitive Occasion, a central focus of innovation, which has globally seen a 10 percent increase during the past five years [compound annual growth rate] (CAGR 2013-2017), Innova states.


What trends will resonate in 2019? - Beverage Industry

Did you know?

Global coffee machine sales are likely to reach 58,675 thousand units in 2019, growing at more than 4 percent compared with 2018, according to a Fact.MR study. Driven by easy operation, simple design and quality brewing, drip coffee machines will account for nearly 43 percent of total coffee machine sales in 2019.

— Research from a Fact.MR study on the evolving trends in the coffee machine market.