Tastepoint by IFF recently hosted a taste innovation event called FirsTaste geared toward inspiring, providing insights, know-how and depth of information to customers, it says.

One of the main highlights, the Innovation Showcase, took the theme, “A Fresh Take on Taste,” and included more than 20 new product designs, flavors and technologies. The showcase featured innovative concepts produced by the company’s creative and applications team.

Playing off of the plant-based trend, Tastepoint shared a plant-based tahini beverage. Made from sesame paste, this beverage boasts a 60 percent sugar reduction as compared with traditional sweetened plant-based milk alternatives, and the overall perception is improved with natural mouthfeel and sweetness modulation flavors in tandem with vanilla flavor. Together, the modulation tools and vanilla round out the sweetness profile and contribute to the full-body mouthfeel that you’d expect from milk, according to the company.

With ready-to-drink (RTD) protein beverages maintaining their popularity, Tastepoint utilized masking technology, in addition to creative flavor and modulation technology, to bring this trend to life, it explains. Utilizing a natural honeysuckle and nectarine flavor, a protein and matcha tea beverage delivers to those looking for protein but for whom taste is the ultimate decision-maker. The 20 percent juice sweetened drink served up 7 grams of pea protein and 1 gram of watermelon seed protein in a RTD format containing 8 grams of protein in each 8-ounce serving.

The following were additional beverage industry concepts and creations available:

Oat relaxation beverage: Relaxation beverages are on the rise and this honey lavender oat dairy drink is derived from oat straw. Modulation tools help to reduce the sugar without compromising taste, it adds.

Cascara-flavored beverage: Sustainability and waste-reduction trends have turned the outer skin of the coffee cherry into a thriving product whose high antioxidant levels make it desirable for functional beverages, the company says. The cascara flavor was showcased in a flavored energy seltzer, boasting 45 milligrams of caffeine in each 12-ounce serving. Candied cantina: Plays off of the ginger and fennel trend and is showcased in vodka and bourbon spritzers.

French 75-Inspired beverages: These sparkling cocktail combinations featured nostalgia with a twist, the company says.

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