Stella Artois Cidre announced a packaging and logo revamp for the U.S. market. The hard cider will take on a new look that dials up the sophistication and quality of the packaging to match those of the Stella Artois lager, the company says. The revamp includes a streamlined bottle and can design without the horn and golden lines and new six- and 12-pack boxes featuring the Stella Artois Cidre wine glass to emphasize the best way to enjoy the hard cider, it says. The goal of the packaging redesign was to position the hard cider from a “premium cider” to a “European-style cider” to shine a light on the brands Belgian roots, the company says. “Since launching in the U.S. in 2013, Stella Artois Cidre consistently has been a favorite amongst consumers for its perfectly balanced taste,” said Lara Krug, vice president at Stella Artois, in a statement. “Not only do our fans enjoy the cider’s refreshing flavor profile, but they also expect the best from Stella Artois, which is why we’re updating the Stella Artois Cidre packaging with an even more sophisticated, modernized look to match our new Stella Artois visual brand identity.”