Tetra Pak offers a new Tetra Top machine and packaging innovation designed to give dairy manufacturers the ability to produce ambient drinkable yogurts containing large fruit pieces and cereal. The Tetra Top 200ml, currently installed in China, features the company’s know-how in ambient yogurt processing and ability to customize the packaging system with large re-sealable screw caps and other options. The Tetra Pak TT/3 AD filling system and Tetra Top package seamlessly work together to allow large fruit pieces to pass through a large re-sealable opening, making it easier for consumers to drink the yogurt, the company says. Including large fruit pieces within an ambient beverage can be a challenging process because the heating of the product must be carefully done to ensure that the fruit pieces are not damaged or broken-down during the process. The Tetra Pak filling and packaging system ensures uniformity and even distribution of the fruit particles, maintaining the quality and integrity of the final product, the company says.

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