Bekum America Corp. introduced the EBLOW 407 DL. The multi-cavity, blow-molding machine features three-layer co-ex and a magnetic quick change along with effective and efficient blow-molding technology in the high-speed production of consumer packaging. The Bekum 07 Machine Series offers a full-range of bottle production potential, including small bottles through large-handled products. To specifically address the growing market need for a high-speed bottle maker, the 407 DL machine offers the benefits of a double-shuttle long stroke machine platen, but also provides a focus on the cost-efficient production of smaller bottles, the company says. The U.S.-built 407 DL machine includes a patented C-Frame clamp design and is available in electric (EBLOW) or hydraulic (HYBLOW) versions as well as hybrid versions tailored to customer-specific needs. The machine features a flexible, newly developed integrated quick mold change system offering less than 15 minutes mold changes for each clamping unit without the use of tools along with a three-layer spiral flow head technology for maximized middle layer HDPE PCR loading and precise circumferential wall distribution. The customizable machine is available with a maximum mold width of 860 mm, a maximum mold length of 470 mm, a mold depth of 2-by-130 mm, and a clamping forces of 22.4 U.S. tons.

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