Siemens Industry Inc. announced the launch of Sinamics V20 Smart Access web server module, a system for the drives and motion control industry that works on various machine types, it says. Designed to directly mount on the drive, the V20 transforms a mobile device or laptop into a virtual operator panel for drive control. By providing a Wi-Fi hot spot, the wireless connection on the module facilitates setup, programming, commissioning, production monitoring and maintenance on a variety of machines and production equipment. Featuring an embedded graphical user interface, the Sinamics V20 enables easy use of in every phase of operation, according to the company. A separate app is not required, nor is a written operator manual needed, making operation of the new server module and subsequent drive control highly intuitive and easy-to-learn, it says. Smart Access provides convenient access to the Sinamics V20 up to 100 meters away, even when the drive is located in difficult-to-access installations. Utilizing WPA2 security, the web server module offers full flexibility with both iOS and Android operating systems, along with commonly used HTML5-capable web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. The system also features a built-in, multi-color LED for quick communication status readout and a security feature with limited or restricted operator access and control functionality. From a secure server web module, drive functions can be monitored and manipulated for speed, current, voltage, temperature and power, as well as drive servicing, with an overview of alarms, faults and individual values. Fault codes can be transferred through email to a local service provider, while the immediate status of all digital and analog inputs and outputs can be checked at a glance, it says.

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