Down To Earth Organics LLC unveiled four ready-to-drink (RTD) superteas; Longevity, Revival, Energy, and Tranquility. Each supertea is made from the finest organic and wild-crafted super-herbs and adaptogens, the company says. The RTD tea is rooted in organic ingredients. The company states that its methods are grounded in sustainability to preserve all the rich earthy health benefits the body deserves. All Down To Earth products are shelf stable and free of added sugars, preservatives, and dyes, with 5-10 calories in each bottle. Consumers will be able to purchase Down To Earth in 16 ounce bottles for a suggested retail price of $3.


Down To Earth Organics LLC, New York 

Telephone: 845/480-1214


Distribution: Select markets

Ingredients: Longevity: filtered water, organic apples, organic lemon juice, chaga, organic cinnamon, organic monk fruit