Tampico Beverages launched a brand refresh, which includes an updated logo, website and new look and feel across its family of fruit-flavored juice drinks, website and social media channels. The refresh to Tampico’s brand and labeling is designed to offer a more fun, adventurous and uplifting aesthetic, instilling a spirit of discovery and joyful moments for loyal brand fans and new-to-Tampico consumers alike, the company says. The new logo, with juice droplets emanating from the Tampico name, is designed to symbolize a burst of flavor, with the letter “o” converted to a smile that conveys the fun found in Tampico juice drinks, it adds. In addition, consumers will have a chance to engage with Tampico’s new brand expression, Imaginatively Curious, every Tuesday during Tampico Tuesdays, which will run through May 1. Tampico brand ambassadors will surprise consumers in seven cities with exclusive Tampico wristbands, while accompanied by roaming mobile billboards designed to look like larger-than-life bottles of Tampico, it adds. Events will take place in select public spaces in major cities including Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston and Dallas.