Snapple released new PET versions of its iconic glass bottle, but noted that in order to provide consumers with the experience they expect, the brand’s packaging engineering team developed a new process to provide the PET bottle with the same “pop” sound that consumers hear when opening a glass bottle of Snapple. Providing the “pop” sound from the tamper indicator proved much trickier with the PET bottle, the company says. The challenge was to figure out how to generate enough vacuum for the metal lid to safely seal the bottle and provide the “pop” sound, but not so much that it deformed the plastic bottle, it says. The team also wanted to ensure the aesthetic of the new version was just right. From the shape to the embossed “S,” the PET bottle has the appearance of the familiar glass bottle, but with one-fifth of the weight, it adds. “PET is the fastest-growing package type in the tea category. It’s what our consumer wants and expects, and it opens Snapple up to more consumption occasions,” Noorin Sidi, brand manager for Snapple, said in a statement. “Given their lighter weight and durability, the PET bottles are more convenient for consumers to take on-the-go and, of course, they’re less breakable. More importantly, they deliver the same great Snapple experience that consumers know and love from the pop of the cap to the last sip.”