Tea of a Kind now offers Eco 4-Packs consisting of one bottle of ready-to-drink (RTD) tea and three nitrogen pressurized bottle cap “Vessl” refills. The flavors, tea and benefits of Tea of a Kind are stored in the pressurized and oxygen-depleted Vessl, protecting the tea against the damaging impact of UV light, oxidation and other conditions that degrade the flavor, color, aroma and antioxidants in other RTD teas, the company says. Once the initial bottle in the Eco 4-Pack has been consumed, the consumer can refill it with water and reuse it by twisting on a tea-filled Vessl refill, transforming the water into another bottle of Tea of a Kind, it says. “Launching the recyclable Eco 4-Pack is a key milestone on our path to utilizing the Vessl closure and delivery device to break the disposable bottle paradigm. This package aligns our values with retailers and consumers that share our concern for health and the environment,” said Walter Apodaca, founder and chief executive officer of Tea of a Kind, in a statement.