San Francisco-based Harmless Harvest, a Fair for Life-certified organic coconut water producer, released limited-edition packaging for the holiday season. The festive bottles feature whimsical and bright snowflakes, and a case of 12 bottles includes a bow and gift tag.

"We wanted to bring a bit of holiday spirit to our packaging this year and empower our consumers to make hydration a priority this holiday season," Harmless Harvest Chief Executive Officer Giannella Alvarez said in a statement. "Coconut water lovers can even share the love with friends and family, knowing that each purchase is supporting the well-being of communities across the globe."

As an alternative to holiday beverages, consumers can treat themselves and others to pure and clean tasting hydration, the company says. Harmless Harvest Coconut Water is a natural source of electrolytes like potassium, making it great for replenishment on-the-go, it adds.

Harmless Harvest is an ecosystem-based business that takes conscious steps to ensure the best quality of its products, the welfare of its people and the health of the planet, according to the company. Through Harmless Harvest's Fair for Life commitment, it not only commits to paying fair prices for goods like Harmless Harvest's coconut water but also provides fair wages and assures well-being for everyone in the "chain of custody," the company says.

Harmless Harvest also supports local Thai communities through its Fair for Life Premium Fund. For each coconut purchased, Harmless Harvest contributes to this fund, and democratically elected farmers and workers representatives work together to identify and decide on the social projects they would like to implement using this fund, it adds. The Committee has decided that all projects will aim at improving access to and quality of education or health care.