With its new sleek, tall look, Watt-Ahh is ready to move with individuals who want energy and hydration on-the-go, the company says. The slimmer liter-sized bottle can fit in cup holders and gym bags. Each Watt-Ahh bottle sports a transparent flexo label with dramatic shades of blue and the brand’s iconic lightning bolt. “We cannot think of a better 10th anniversary gift for our customers than to offer a more attractive and convenient bottle that matches the premium product inside,” AquaNew Chief Operating Officer Dana Gourley said in a statement. “Like other beverage companies, we sell to both brick-and-mortar stores and through Amazon.com; however, our main business channel is different. It has emerged that we mainly ship high volumes of Watt-Ahh (over 600 bottles at a time) directly to customers who want a six-month or more supply for healing energy and recovery from vigorous exercise.” The newest liter bottles rolled off the new assembly ramp on July 12. One-quarter of the first production was sold in advance to customers who were willing to wait a couple more weeks for the new bottle.