William Graham, vice president of sales for North America at Prova, Danvers Mass., announced the immediate and ongoing availability of vanilla alternatives that are designed to deliver precise vanilla taste profiles, mimicking those of vanilla extracts.

Graham announced that in addition to addressing troublesome vanilla supply issues, Prova’s vanilla alternatives are a near match to vanilla extracts when it comes to flavor profiles.

In a statement, he said: “Our vanilla alternatives taste like the real thing, with the added benefit of significant cost savings. Another advantage is that Prova’s vanilla alternatives can be labeled as Vanilla WONFs or Natural Type Flavor.

“Vanilla is at the core of Prova’s business. Today, Prova is one of the world’s largest producers of vanilla,” he continued. “Our knowledge and experience as a premier vanilla supplier ensure our ability to create vanilla alternatives that are on target for the multitude of products where vanilla is a prominent ingredient or used as a standalone flavor.”

Prova is supporting its customers by making available the results of extensive sensory testing of its vanilla alternatives, the company says. In addition to accessing these findings, customers can request product literature featuring flavor profile spider graphs that demonstrate the sensorial similarity of Prova’s vanilla alternatives to vanilla extracts, it adds. Customers are encouraged to contact Prova and arrange a meeting with a vanilla flavor professional who can answer questions and provide information about how the company’s readily available vanilla alternatives can overcome market supply issues while delivering exceptional benefits.