Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, announced that it will be offering free weddings and vow renewals on Feb. 14. As part of the love and romance of Valentine’s Day, anyone 21 and older, with a marriage license, can be wed for free at Lakefront Brewery, the company says. 

Weddings include two free pints of Lakefront beer to have in-hand during the ceremony, as well as a six-pack and two T-shirts to take home. Vow renewals will include two free pints, it says. Lakefront will provide two ordained officiants who also work as tour guides at the brewery. They will be available all day on Valentine’s to wed couples, it adds.

In a statement, Mike Walker, tour manager at Lakefront Brewery, said, “We had weddings and vow renewals last year, but this year could be even bigger.”

Walker, along with Tour Co-Manager Dylan Marzurkiewicz, focus on the experience. “Lakefront has been a part of so many relationships over the years,” he said. “Many couples have met here at the brewery over the years, as well as on the tour itself.”

The Brewery opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 8 p.m. on Valentine’s Day.