The Beach Whiskey Co., Carmel, Ind., announced its acquisition of American Harvest Vodka, an American-made organic vodka.

American Harvest Vodka was created by the Sidney Frank Importing Co. (SFIC) in 2011 and gained a strong national foothold by 2014. When SFIC was acquired by Jägermeister of Germany in 2015, the Frank family retained ownership of the brand. The sale of American Harvest to the Beach Whiskey Co. returns the brand to one of its creators, Bill Henderson, now chief marketing officer of Beach Whiskey. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"Organic and craft spirits have shown significant growth over the past five years, and Double Gold Medal-winner American Harvest has already shown its ability to stand apart from other super-premium vodkas," said Smoke Wallin, chief executive officer of Beach Whiskey Co., in a statement. "Now is the time for a national organic craft vodka, and American Harvest Vodka fits seamlessly into the Beach Whiskey portfolio while accelerating our national growth plans. Distributors who previously carried American Harvest are eager to have it back, and this is creating additional opportunities for the Beach Whiskey portfolio."

American Harvest is handcrafted in small batches from American wheat and distilled with 100 percent certified organic ingredients to yield a distinctly smooth spirit with a crisp, clean and slightly sweet hint of real agave. The wheat is estate grown from a single family farm, and the water is from a protected source beneath the Snake River Water basin, the company says.

"American Harvest is a brand near and dear to my heart," said John Frank, former chairman of SFIC and new member of the Beach Whiskey Advisory Board. "We went to incredible lengths to ensure purity from farm to bottle in creating this truly American spirit. I'm pleased to see American Harvest in the hands of Beach Whiskey's very capable team, and I look forward to contributing to their portfolio's exciting growth."

"While craft spirits have taken off, so too are consumers becoming increasingly focused on the provenance of their food. They want to know who raises their beef and from which farm their fruits and vegetables are sourced," Henderson said. "American Harvest Vodka was created because we believe the same can and should be true for spirits."

American Harvest Vodka (40 percent alcohol by volume) will be returning to shelves across the country and is expected to regain its national footprint in 2017. A 750-ml bottle has a suggested retail price of $24.99.