Napa, Calif-based Delicato Family Vineyards announced that Bota Box, the eco-friendly wine producer of premium 3- and 1.5-liter bag-in-box and 500-ml Tetra Pak wines, has reached another pivotal benchmark for the family-owned winery by reaching 4 million cases in sales.

Case number 4 million shipped from the winery Oct. 24, fulfilling the order placed by Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits in Denver, the company says. To commemorate this achievement, Chris Indelicato, Delicato Family Vineyards president and chief executive officer, and Mike Jackson, executive vice president of sales and marketing, will travel to Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits offices in Denver to show their appreciation to Denver Bota Box and distributor representative Steve Noorlun, executive vice president and general manager, who will receive a commemorative award, it adds.

"It's a great pleasure to receive this year's 4 millionth case of Bota Box here in Colorado. This is an extraordinary milestone for the people of Delicato Family Vineyards and the Indelicato family," Noorlun said in a statement. "Congratulations, we're proud to be partnered with you and proud of this achievement."

Indelicato added: "The Bota Box story continues to resonate with consumers as they recognize the innovative technology, environmentally friendly packaging, and probably most importantly, the wine quality. The Bota Box drinker purchases bottled wines $10 and above at retail and has an annual household income of $100,000-plus, which is a testament to that quality. We are proud to reach this milestone with the support of our consumers, retailers, restaurants and distributors. Congratulations to Steve and Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits for helping to make it happen."

Mel Dick, president of the wine division of Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits said: "We at Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits are pleased to have a 16-state relationship with the Indelicato family and Delicato Family Vineyards. Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits was thrilled to hear that Colorado will be receiving the 4 millionth case of Bota Box. Congratulations to the Indelicato family, Delicato Family Vineyards and Bota Box. We are so very proud of our relationship and look forward to many years of continued growth together." 

Bota Box is the fastest-growing brand under $8, the company says, citing New York-based Nielsen. Throughout the past five years, Bota (Total Brand) has grown 139 percent, an average of seven times faster than the table wine category, it adds.

Bota Box takes its name from the traditional Spanish wine skin known as a bota, which was used to carry wine for centuries and became popular in the 1960s and 1970s with hikers, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to bring wine on outdoor adventures without the weight and inconvenience of glass bottles, the company says. The modern version of a bota, Bota wine is kept fresh inside 3-liter and 1.5-liter BPA free Mylar bags up to four weeks after opening. It also is now available in the 500-ml Tetra Pak.